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Over $400 for a Marathon. How Much Does It Cost to Start Running?

Since 2010, the USA has experienced a boom in running – the number of participants in Minnesota marathons has increased five times, large corporations are creating running clubs. But there are many questions for a novice runner. The first step to getting started with running is choosing your running shoes. Properly selected shoes will help […]

Running Essentials for Beginners: What Do You Need to Start Running?

Running is the main sport that brings liveliness to passive office life. To run as comfortably as possible, you need to choose the right equipment. Do not forget that running is also a pleasure. Modern gadgets will brighten up your running time. After all, moving to your favorite music, tracking your heart rate and moving […]

Viagra and Sport: What is the Connection?

Athletes are constantly searching for ways to improve athletic performance. Wages of professional athletes continue to grow and nowadays they can compete with the income of small corporations. Professional sport has become a big business, which forces the athlete to take almost everything to become more successful. Corporate employees are known for using medications to […]