Over $400 for a Marathon. How Much Does It Cost to Start Running?

Over $400 for a Marathon. How Much Does It Cost to Start Running

Since 2010, the USA has experienced a boom in running – the number of participants in Minnesota marathons has increased five times, large corporations are creating running clubs. But there are many questions for a novice runner.

The first step to getting started with running is choosing your running shoes. Properly selected shoes will help you fall in love with running, otherwise, you may abandon the idea with a lot of negative impressions and also get serious injuries.

Beginners in this matter are often guided by the “more expensive is better” coordinate system. It is likely that many people will consider high-tech sneakers for more than $100 as the first pair. But is it worth chasing innovation? This and other questions were answered in this article.

So should a beginner buy high-tech sneakers?

Clients often come to the store and are ready to pay any money for sneakers, the main thing is that they are functional and beautiful. Let’s take, for example, the Nike Air Force for $1,000, in which world records were set. But this model is not suitable for beginners since it is designed only for fast running, high pace.

A beginner in these sneakers will not run far. Shoes will not be able to work at a low pace, and therefore a person may be injured. In the end, he will throw money away. Such sneakers are designed only for an athlete with a prepared foot, ankle and high physical shape – the standard is a master of sports of international class.

How to choose sneakers

In the store, you should ask the consultant for help. It is better to go through a gait analysis (analysis of running biomechanics) in the store before buying shoes, thanks to which you can understand how your foot is located when running, identify the type of pronation (neutral, hypopronation or hyperpronation), and choose shoes on the basis of these data.

  • The main issue is the cushioning system (midsole);
  • The choice will depend on the terrain for running and the time of year/weather;
  • Based on these data, the client will be offered several models, and he/she will choose a pair that is comfortable in terms of fit and comfort.

If there is no one to help, what to choose: “marathon” or training?

A beginner will need training shoes. “Marathons” often go without cushioning, they are quite rigid, and therefore an inexperienced runner only injures himself. At the entry level, shoes should have very good or at least average cushioning in order for the biomechanisms to work properly. But a shoe that is too soft will dull the stabilizers and prevent you from developing, adapting to the running discipline as a whole.

Is one pair of shoes enough?

Most likely, you will need several pairs, at least two. Still, the weather is changeable. For example, shoes with a membrane are used mainly in winter. And you may need another pair of shoes at other times of the year because it may be raining. And running in the rain in shoes with a simple mesh upper will bring discomfort. In addition, running shoes quickly lose their depreciation. All sneakers have their resource, measured by mileage. On average, in good running shoes, depreciation works perfectly for 300–500 km.

How much do good running shoes cost?

The average cost of a pair of running shoes is currently about $115-120.

Some of the best budget running shoes are

  • Adidas Adizero RC 3 – $80
  • Atreyu Base Model – $85
  • Brooks Launch 8 – $100
  • Brooks Revel 4 – $85
  • Puma Liberate Nitro – $110
  • Merrell MTL Skyfire – $45
  • New Balance FuelCell Propel v3 – $99
  • Nike Renew Run 2 – $75.

Where to get money for running expenses

You can face financial troubles suddenly. Sometimes you need a large loan, but there is time to save it. If you need funds right now, choose of the ways suggested below:

  1. Apply for a payday loan. This is the fastest and easiest option. The amounts are usually small ($100-$2,500), terms usually do not exceed 30 days. The process involves no calls, no paperwork, no collateral, no guarantors. Eligibility criteria vary slightly by lender ad state. For example, to get accepted for MN payday loans, you only need some kind of identity verification, a source of steady income, a bank account and any device with access to the Internet. The online application process takes only a few minutes. If accepted, the funds will be created to your bank account as soon as the same day. Current debts, bad credit history, and other things are not interesting for most online lenders. So if you are looking to borrow money with bad credit, payday loans can be a great option;
  2. Contact the bank. If you need an amount exceeding $2,000, you should think about bank loans. Fortunately, there are organizations that are ready to approve and issue funds in a few days. However, to get approved, you will need a good credit history and provide income proof certificates;
  3. Use your car as collateral. Some companies offer title loans (loans secured by a vehicle). An obvious advantage: in addition to the car, you will not need any income proof certificates or other confirmation of financial solvency. And your credit history will not be of interest. But there is a disadvantage: fairly high interest rates (compared to banks). But you can continue to use your car, and the requested funds are transferred within 24 hours;
  4. Sell unnecessary on Craigslist or similar services. You must have a lot of unnecessary things on your shelves. Free up space and earn money by listing these items for sale. Just check prices beforehand so you don’t set a too high price, and take good pictures. Many lots are bought in just 1 – 2 days;
  5. Contact a pawnshop. It is still a working option, although there are much fewer pawnshops compared to the early 2000s. It is only necessary to remember that not all values ​​are accepted (some companies deal only with gold and precious stones). In addition, the thing will have to be pawned much cheaper than the real value, and if you don’t buy it on time, you will part with it forever;
  6. Earn money online. There are now a lot of services on the network that allow you to get some money for fairly simple tasks – for example, leave a review or participate in a paid survey. Earnings are small, but this is quite a way out if you need a few thousand dollars urgently;
  7. Become a donor. Quite decent money is paid for blood donation – at most donation centers, compensation is around $50 to $75 per appointment. But depending on the market, one unit can be worth a whole lot more. For example, the red blood cells can go for $229, platelets for $300 and plasma for $40 – nearly $570 in all. You just need to remember that blood is taken from ideally healthy people, and you can neither drink nor smoke for a certain period before the donation. There are certain dietary restrictions;
  8. Borrow from friends/relatives. It would seem the easiest way. However, there are also a couple of downsides. First, people may not have the required amount. Secondly, it is not psychologically convenient for everyone to inform loved ones about their money problems. In addition, if this option is real, it is usually used the very first and there is no need to look for where to borrow money fast.

What else do you need for running?

Of course, if you want to run comfortably, you will need additional accessories:

  • Compression socks or even better leg warmers. They are responsible for supporting the calf muscles, good blood circulation, and blood vessels. But they must be chosen wisely. You cannot rely on size alone when choosing them. It is also necessary to take into account the coverage of the calf muscle. And if you choose the wrong leggings, then there is a high risk of experiencing spasms. You may buy leggings for $100, and your legs will cramp;
  • Shorts, tights/leggings, and pants are essential pieces of running clothing. They are made of synthetic materials, but it is important to consider seasonality. Indeed, in winter, synthetic thermal underwear with polypropylene and a small amount of wool in the composition is also useful;
  • T-shirt, longsleeve and windbreaker (+ thermal underwear in winter) – all this should be exclusively made of synthetic materials in order to avoid excessive sweating and, accordingly, increased body moisture, which can lead to illness;
  • Baseball cap in hot weather, buffs and synthetic caps in cold weather. There are also windproof hats (windstoppers). In sunny weather, goggles from ultraviolet radiation will be useful;
  • And it is important to get a gadget for measuring the pulse in order to understand and control the work of the cardiovascular system.

How much will all the equipment cost?

  • Budget option – $300. This amount includes not only sneakers but also a complete set of accessories;
  • The average level is $400-$500. It will be quite technological equipment and not budget brands;
  • The most technologically advanced equipment with a gadget will cost more than $600.

Is it possible to run with an excess weight of 20+ kg?

There is no rigid reference to weight. In addition, often people start running when they are overweight. Yes, the more excess weight, the greater the load on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is necessary to follow this and not overload the heart.

Of course, if the weight is over 100 kg, then it makes sense to start classes with fast walking or a combination of running and walking. It is unrecommended to run immediately, since it may cause a huge load on the joints and the cardiovascular system.

Is running good for weight loss?

Of course, you need to understand that fat is burned last – after carbohydrates and proteins. And for this reason, running training for fat burning starts from 40 minutes. In addition, fat is burned approximately in the average heart rate zone of 140 beats per minute – i.e. run in that rhythm.

But diet is also important – you should reduce food intake (but in no case switch to a strict diet) and create a deficit of 300-500 kcal. In a week, you are allowed to lose no more than one kg.

Common mistake new runners make

One of the most common beginner mistakes is running at a fast pace with a high heart rate. This is absolutely not recommended. You need to start with a very easy run, otherwise, you can get injuries, heart disease, and other health problems.

I want to run a marathon: two workouts a week for six months is enough to prepare?

A running marathon is a serious discipline, and two workouts a week is definitely not enough. Even if you have innate endurance and run a marathon without proper training, then you can pay with your health for this idea.

To prepare for a marathon, it is recommended to train under the guidance of a coach or at least read the relevant literature, watch video courses. This is a very serious discipline, and you should not prepare yourself without basic knowledge. It won’t lead to anything good. And it doesn’t matter if you run a marathon in three hours or five. It takes a lot of time to prepare.