Running Essentials for Beginners: What Do You Need to Start Running?

Running Essentials for Beginners What Do You Need to Start Running

Running is the main sport that brings liveliness to passive office life. To run as comfortably as possible, you need to choose the right equipment. Do not forget that running is also a pleasure. Modern gadgets will brighten up your running time. After all, moving to your favorite music, tracking your heart rate and moving in the right direction is the best pastime.

Can I just run without running shoes or other running gears?

Surely, you can run a marathon in your old trampled shoes but you will definitely get better results when wearing proper sneakers and having the necessary gadgets. Running in the wrong shoes can lead to really sad consequences, especially if you are going to run long distances. So it’s highly recommended that you purchase all the above-recommended gear. If you have no cash at the moment, do not despair – there are certainly some options to find the money. For example, you can borrow from your friends or relatives, or take payday loans online Massachusetts. The latter option is the easiest way out since nobody will know you are broke. Payday loans are short-term, which means you can repay them easily when you get your next paycheck. Processing is fast – within several hours or even minutes of being accepted for a loan, the funds land in your bank account. Such loans can be taken for any purpose, including the best running gear, and do not require any collateral.

Running clothes: what to wear

Running clothes should be loose and lightweight. The specificity of the kits for fast movement depends on the weather conditions and the nature of the training.

What to wear running in the cold

Multiple layers of winter gear will keep you warm and comfortable. The main thing is that the first ball to the skin has moisture-wicking properties. Therefore, underwear must be made of a material with an admixture of synthetics. The best option is thermal underwear. Trespass thermal underwear is able to withstand temperature conditions in the range from +5 to -30 ° С (+41 to -22°F).

Warm fleece should be worn over the linen in winter. The upper layer consists of a sports jacket with a membrane fabric hood. This jacket is lightweight, moisture resistant and does not allow cold air to pass through.

Also, in any weather, you should pry on socks to warm your feet. The thermal socks for running from the well-known brands Saucony and Odlo are characterized by their breathability and increased elasticity. The soft shape does not hinder movement. Products are made of microfiber, equipped with a shock absorption system and an instep support. The socks are specially controlled to prevent unpleasant odors and pathogenic bacteria. The toe and heel zones are durable and wear-resistant thanks to special reinforcement. The seams of running socks are generally flat and will not chafe during active movement.

A hat or a headband occupy not the last place in winter running equipment. This accessory may also have special holes for additional ventilation. You can also wear a balaclava. It will protect the skin even in severe frost.

Gloves will keep your hands from chapping and frostbite while running in winter. Woolen or knitted mittens are the best choice in winter. You can find a huge selection of running shoes, running apparel and accessories from the leading brands (Adidas, Reebok, Nike, New Balance, Brooks, ASICS, Mizuno, Salomon, etc.) in the Running Warehouse online store.

What should I wear to run in the summer?

In hot weather, running clothing should wick moisture away and allow air to pass through. Cotton is not quite suitable for these purposes. It gets wet quickly, dries for a long time and it will catch a risky cold even in the hot weather. Therefore, it is best to choose sets made of polyester or fabrics with an admixture of synthetic fibers. These T-shirts do not absorb moisture, fit the body well and do not hinder movement. Many athletes choose 2XU compression garments, which help prevent friction and accelerate recovery time after exercise.

In case of a light breeze and cool weather, it is recommended to wear a windbreaker. Running models from Adidas allow the skin to breathe freely without overheating while on the move. Reebok windbreakers are laser-perforated to enhance your workout performance. Reflective detailing on all jogging jackets to help keep you safe at dusk. Hoods, hidden gadget pockets are additional benefits of running windbreakers.

It is recommended to wear light shorts instead of sweatpants or leggings in the summer.

A cap, scarf or bandana will protect you from overheating and sunstroke. The headgear should sit firmly on the head and not fall off while driving.

General requirements for running clothes

  • Running equipment should be loose and lightweight;
  • The material from which the clothes are made must have thermoregulatory properties;
  • The skin should not be hypothermic or overheated;
  • The criterion for choosing the right clothes: it is a little cool at the beginning of the race, and comfortable and warm at the end;
  • Running clothes should be close to the body and should not sag or dangle. This adds to the inconvenience while driving;
  • Reflective elements on a jacket or trousers are the key to safe movement in the evening.

The right shoes are the key to success

There are special shoes for jogging. Sneakers for simple walking are not suitable at all. A feature of running shoes is its special sole, which is able to withstand heavy loads. Indeed, the weight of the athlete falls on his feet during heavy traffic. There is a risk of injury with load decompensation.

The difference between men’s and women’s shoes

The greatness of women’s sneakers from men’s is not only in the color scheme. Models for women have a number of features:

  • The shoe of the ladies’ sneaker is narrower;
  • A high heel can prevent injury to the Achilles tendon;
  • The wearer’s low weight is the reason for the soft cushioning;
  • The heel area on the outsole is reinforced with a rubber insert for increased durability.

Men ́s sneaker has good zonal support and a tight midfoot fit. Running shoes for guys have a reinforced heel counter that provides support and a secure heel.

Both women’s and men’s running shoes have reflective elements for safe movement.

A great running shoe for men is Nike’s AIR MAX. Outstanding damping properties, improved traction and fully breathable details are the hallmarks of Nike’s new collection. An innovative Flymesh upper provides excellent breathability and stability. The adaptive fit is complemented by Dynamic Flywire technology, which allows you to customize the fit of the shoe for perfect zonal support. Flywire’s integrated suture system offers customizable zonal support and a tighter midfoot fit. The inner surface of the sneaker is made of textile, which adds to the feeling of comfort and a comfortable fit of the sneaker. The reinforced heel counter provides support and a secure fit for the heel. The outsole is crafted from Cushlon foam, significantly reducing the weight of the shoe while providing soft, bouncy cushioning. The 360-degree full-length Nike Max Air unit delivers responsive, high-speed cushioning and superior shock damping.

The Puma IGNITE 3 Wmn’s Girls’ Shoe offers maximum cushioning comfort and flexibility, making it a great option for running and daily workouts. Breathable mesh upper provides a great blend of breathability, comfort and flexibility. Zoned PUMA Formstrip branding is located on the lateral and medial sides of the shoe. A TPU reinforcement overlay in the heel counter provides stability, additional zonal protection and support. Designed to provide maximum cushioning, the Puma IGNITE 3 running shoe uses an innovative Ignite midsole that is engineered with exceptionally responsive, energetic restorative properties for maximum energy return with every step. The heel area of ​​the outsole, exposed to maximum abrasion, is reinforced with a rubber insert made from abrasion-resistant EverTrack + cushioning rubber.

How do I choose the right running shoe?

Depending on the constitutional feature of the athlete’s foot, there are some rules for choosing sneakers. Placing the foot on the surface during movement is called pronation. There are three types of this parameter:

  • With neutral pronation, the legs are parallel to each other;
  • Overpronation is characterized by the divergence of the feet to the outside. For such a setting, you should choose sneakers with an instep support;
  • With hypopronation, the feet are drawn inward. It is categorically impossible to purchase shoes with instep supports since there is a risk of dislocation of the leg.

What are the 2 must-have gadgets for runners?

The most useful and necessary gadgets for accompanying running workouts include the heart rate monitor and a running watch.

A heart rate monitor measures your running rhythm according to your heart rate. The optimal running rhythm is determined by the maximum heart rate formula: 220-age. If the heart rate is higher than the determined figure, the intensity of the workout should be reduced. The athlete’s endurance is achieved gradually. The M600 BLK is an excellent choice for a heart rate monitor or heart rate monitor. Apart from the basic functions, the device also has a 24/7 activity tracking function. It even has smartwatch features such as smart notifications and a color touchscreen.

A GPS watch is a good choice for a running device. They not only indicate the exact time but are also able to determine the route. The SPARTAN SPORT watch from Finnish manufacturer Suunto allows you to accurately measure your heart rate and calculate the calories burned for the most effective professional results. The case is constructed from durable stainless steel and is complemented by shock-resistant mineral crystal glass. A power supply provides up to 10 hours of operation on a single charge and saves energy at full power. The reliable quartz movement is complemented by a protected touch screen and is suitable for use at depths of up to 100 m. The model will be appreciated not only by runners but also by fans of cycling, speedrunning, swimming, triathlon, and complex workouts.